The Reves Center for International Studies & The Roy R. Charles Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

With Alma Mater Productions (AMP), Middle East Studies and the Critchfield Endowment, The Center for Student Diversity, The Asian Studies Initiative, Africana Studies

William and Mary’s Global Film Festival is an annual, non-profit, free-of-charge cultural event that brings world cultures to Williamsburg through film. The animus for the 2010 festival is “Film and Music” – two of the most popular and powerful forms of expression worldwide. How do motion pictures and music interact?
How do they compliment, complicate, and challenge each other? What results from the marriage of the two?
Local audiences can consider these questions through a pre-festival series of five films (screening Wednesday Nights, January 20 – February 17 as the Williamsburg Regional Library Theater) introduced by William and Mary faculty and then during the Gala festival February 18-21st (at the Kimball Theater) which will feature film screenings, presentations, guest filmmakers, musicians, and musical performances throughout the weekend. The festival maintains these core goals:

*Acknowledging and countering the dominant Hollywood film industry by supporting and generating exposure to global film alternatives.

*Showcasing foreign-, student-, and American-produced motion pictures and musical performances that illustrate the dynamics of local, national, and global film and music.

*Assembling an impressive repertoire of international filmmakers, musicians, and dancers to perform live and participate in dialogues with the community.

*Engaging the community in a shared experience, bringing together students, faculty, and a diversity of residents of Williamsburg and the broader Tidewater region.

*Offering a weekend-long Gala that brings together reflection, celebration, and greater understanding of film, music, and the diversity of our local community.

Under the auspices the College of William and Mary, we hold the Global Film Festival annually to celebrate and foster a better understanding of film’s place within the world. The Festival’s ultimate goal is to inspire discovery, learning, and conversation while supporting the cultural appreciation of a regional audience.

The Festival weekend is Feb.18-21. Feel free to browse the rest of the site for more information on events, films, guests, and more. If you have any other questions,  you can contact us.


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