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2007’s Heima provides a rare perspective into a band returning home. Having toured the world for years, Sigur Rós had been earning international praise while enchanting international audiences with a haunting and electrifying sound, a sound that challenges existing expectations for popular culture and post-rock. Heima chronicles a summer tour of Sigur Rós’s native Iceland, in which the band performed in a series of free, unpublicized concerts throughout the island. Heima’s narrative is in part inspired by the majestic geography of a sparsely-populated island characterized by seemingly endless space, ancient land formations, unspoiled vistas, and water and ice. Of equal concern to the camera lens as these breathtaking landscapes is the image of faces in the crowd. Young children play and wander about as older, more wrinkled faces stare as if transfixed to the figures on the stage. Couples embrace each other closely in the cold dusk at an outdoor performance, while a father carries an open-mouthed toddler on his shoulders as they both gaze at the light performance on the stage. An elderly chorus group walks across an overgrown trail in silence as giant glaciers groan quietly in the distance, traveling at an infinitely slow pace over unknown centuries. Heima is a film that values people and their relationship with music and their cultural environment, just as it values the production on stage and the experience of a band coming to terms with home and newly-earned fame.

On Saturday evening, a Williamsburg audience will have the unique opportunity to experience Heima as presented by the film’s director, Dean DeBlois. DeBlois has a unique perspective to tell in relating the creative debate during the production of a genuinely unique addition to the concert film genre. Having built a diverse career in animation while working on such projects as Disney’s Mulan and co-directing Disney’s Lilo & Stitch, DeBlois is currently directing the 3D-animated film How to Train Your Dragon, which will be released in theaters nationwide on 26 March of this year. At the same time, he has been commuting back to Iceland to help produce the new album Go, the first solo by Sigur Rós lead vocal Jónsi Birgisson, which will be released worldwide 5 April of this year.