Dean Deblois

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A native Canadian, Dean DeBlois is an accomplished filmmaker, screenwriter, animator, and animation director whose shortlist of impressive titles includes The Raccoons cartoon series, Don Bluth’s Thumbelina, Disney’s Mulan, and Lilo and Stitchwhich he co-wrote and co-directed.  With his diverse background, the Icelandic band Sigur Ròs reached out to DeBlois for creative direction at a time when their film Heima needed a strong central narrative.  With DeBlois as the director, Heima became a film that enabled an intimate dialogue with Sigur Ròs’s music, the Icelandic people, and Iceland’s beautiful landscape.

DeBlois comes to Williamsburg exclusively to present Heima, while he finishes post-production on his most recent 3D-animated movie with Dreamworks, How to Train Your Dragon (coming to theatres March 26, 2010).