Pre-Festival Series

Prefestival Series

Wednesday Nights, 7pm, January 20th – February 17th
The Williamsburg Regional Library Theater

The 2010 Global Film and Music events will begin in late January with the launching of a pre-festival film series. The series will consist of five films highlighting dynamic relationship between film and music produced in a range of international cinema productions and will run in FREE public screenings at the Williamsburg Regional Library. The series will run in conjunction with a 1-credit course offering in Film Studies at the College, and each film will be introduced with brief presentations.

January 20

Farewell My Concubine ( Ba wang bie ji (Kaige Chen 1993)(China)(171 minutes)

Considered by many to be one of the best Chinese films ever made, this passionate story of a triangle of love and friendship offers an exceptionally rich aural and visual rendering of Beijing opera while delivering an epic treatment of modern China and its ancient musical traditions simultaneously. **Rated R**

Presented by: Prof. Roy Chan (Modern Languages and Literatures, Chinese)

January 27

Opera Jawa (Garin Nugroho 2006)(Indonesia/Austria)(120 minutes)

Married Javanese Ramayana dancers become part of an operatic love triangle in this exotic, beautiful and innovative musical. Opera Jawa generates a combination of cinema and music like none you’ve ever seen or heard before.

Presented by: Prof. Arthur Knight, Director of Film Studies

February 3
[in conjunction with the Celtic Film Festival]

Once (John Carney 2006)(Ireland)(85 minutes)

A street musician and an immigrant in contemporary Dublin are falling slowly for each other, one songwriting session at a time. The power of this simple, moving, Academy Award-winning film rests on director John Carney’s unique, compelling marriage of his dual loves of music and film.

Presented by Prof. Christy Burns, English, Women’s Studies, and Film Studies

February 10

Pakeezah (Kamal Amrohi 1972)(India)(126 minutes)

Amrohi’s opulent yet touching magnum opus tells the story of a talented dancer’s journey to escape the brothel in which she was raised – a classic Bollywood “courtesan” film. **Note: be sure not to miss the contemporary Bollywood follow up to this classical 70s-era Bollywood film during the festival weekend: See the Festival Weekend Schedule for Thursday night**

Presented by Prof. Max Katz, Music

February 17

Tamra Henna (Hussein Fawzi 1957)(Egypt)(120 minutes)

In this Egyptian musical classic of the 1950s, a lower-class gypsy dancer seeks the finer things in
life. The film features Naima Akef, an iconic belly dancer from Egyptian cinema’s golden age.

Presented by: Sami Abu Shumays, visiting scholar, Artist in residence, and director of Zikrayat **See the Festival Weekend schedule for Thursday night**